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New Year, NewVision

For 10 years this blog has been all about family, but as we approach a new decade, and see one pass, the vision for this blog is becoming more focused and streamlined. Through my eyes I'm looking forward to continue sharing special moments, fun trips, and all that lies in-between. 

Turning a Vision into Reality

To keep in line with this new vision, a guide is being used. A list of goals called '20 in 2020' has been the impetus behind this change and I'm very excited to see it through! It holds true to the rediscovered purpose behind my writings, and will allow fresh air to be breathed into our family scrapbook. 

Enjoy Hominy & Home!

While some things here may change the spirit of the blog remains the same. It's a place to share and celebrate, to honor and reflect. I hope you enjoy this new path on my personal journey as we head into 2020. Thanks for staying with me, and welcome back to Hominy & Home!

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