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21 in 2021

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

I do love a good goal. Last January I made a list of 20 things I wanted to accomplish in 2020.

Well, we all know how last year went. Despite it all I quietly managed to reach most of them. Some weren't possible due to COVID, but I'm pretty happy that despite the challenges I fell short by only 5. So let's look ahead shall we?

I'm putting out my new goals for the new year; my 21 in 2021! After 2020 I'm keeping my expectations realistic, but I feel pretty certain that these are completely attainable. Some will offer a great opportunity for growth, while others are purely for frivolity, but together they will all be FUN!

21 Goals in 2021

1. Read 15 books

2. Travel to 4 new places in Japan

3. Train to run a half marathon. Hey running club, can we start things up again?

4. Go on the Yanaka Ginza Lucky God's Walk (1/6/21)

5. Go home for a nice, long visit (6/25/21)

6. Take a cooking class

7. Buy one piece of art

8. Work on photography

9. Continue exercising 5 days a week

` 10. Do a kimono photo shoot

11. Celebrate my 43rd birthday safely but with tons of fun. It's an (almost) Mardi Gras

birthday this year! (2/15/21)

12. Go to at least one museum a month (First one 1/27/21)

13. Try new cuisine

14. Go to a different afternoon tea-break the cycle of favorites!

15. Get to know my online friends better. Japan Insta friends, I'm talking to you!

16. Watch the Inauguration of our new President! (1/20/21-What a beautiful and unique day!)

17. SUMO! This is going to happen...I can feel it.

18. Continue 80/20 eating clean

19. Limit time online

20. Work hard to reach Daruma goal

21. Do one thing completely out of my comfort zone

Most of these goals will be fairly easy to reach, while a small few are going to take an incredible amount of focus and determination. Regardless, I'm excited to aim high and try to accomplish them all. There will be joy in this journey-maybe a little swearing-but with enthusiasm (and maybe some bubbly) I'm going to get there.

Beginning tomorrow. Happy 2021, y'all! Here's to making the most of this year ahead.


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