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An Attitude of Gratitude

I'm an optimist by nature, but there seems to be a misconception that being a spring of perpetual hope means that our vision is always rose-colored. It certainly can be at times, yes, but more often than not I find it to be silver-lined: you can see the reality of the situation, yet still find something positive within it.

But right now reality is challenging.

We're in a complex place where we seem to be holding our collective breaths; waiting and wondering, looking for an end in sight. The not knowing can be frustrating, it can be frightening, and it's important to acknowledge what we're feeling-the good and the bad-but as a gentle reminder, do your best not to unpack your bags and set up a permanent address in the negative zone.

Having an attitude of gratitude is something I've adhered to for quite a while, but never has it seemed quite so important. We can be easily overwhelmed by the 'new normal', but in actively reflecting upon the day we can shift our perspective, remembering that in spite of the going's on in the larger world around us, our personal, smaller worlds still hold precious moments.

It's been with deliberate intention that I've recently started each day acknowledging something I'm thankful for. My day ends the same way, and in-between I make a small list that I share with others-a list of things I've been grateful for during the day. If you're on Instagram you've seen my 'Daily Gratitude List' in Stories. At first blush they seem fairly superficial, but since they carry good memories, reflections touched by laughter, drips and drabs of happiness, they have meaning. They're important. They keep me aligned with the things (and people) that matter, and those are genuine connections that deserve acknowledgement.

Affirming the good in your life doesn't mean you're ignoring that everything isn't good. It doesn't negate what you or someone else is experiencing or mean you're not tired and completely over it, but it can bring a sense of balance. It can offer a modicum of peace, a spark of joy that comes from the soul, and most importantly, carry an inventory of reminders that we remain blessed.

The world around us is challenging, we are being challenged, but we have some control over how we choose to move through our days and through what lens we choose to see them. Today I choose gratitude, and I begin this morning being thankful for each of you!

Be safe, my friends, and take care.

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