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Disney Days: Winter Break

When your husband is wrapping up his busy season with dinners but your son is on winter break, you put on your mom cape and make the days super special. Without question one of the most fun things to do is go to Disney, and when it's right there in your city you have the opportunity to go pretty often. Should you take advantage of it? Absolutely. Do we? Sometimes. We go often enough to know it's not being forgotten.

Like last time I used the crowd calendar to see which day this week would be best and wouldn't you know it-today was that day. It was a "B" day. If you look at the crowd calendar it tells you that on "B" days the ride waits will be about 30 minutes. The reality, however, is far better! Only once did we wait longer than 5-10 minutes...and of course it was the ride that threatened to upend my sanity because I do not take well to roller coasters.

At all.

Regardless, my thoughts as we left is that it could have easily been classified as an "A" day. We zipped in and out of lines for multiple repeat rides of our favorites, all the while samplings new foods. It's something Jackson and I have decided to do: with every Disney visit we get one snack we already like, then try a new one. It's a bit of food roulette-especially if you're in New Orleans. Last time I checked, keema curry and potage isn't what my home is known for. But that's the beauty of Tokyo Disneyland: the familiarity of a Disney park with little bits of lagniappe from the surrounding culture thrown in.

Even though I think they could benefit from serving Mickey beignets, the creative liberties are cool.

But the yummy treats are even cooler! After our third ride through the Haunted Mansion Jackson decided I deserved an ice cream. And I did. I really did. If you saw my Instastories you'll see I also deserved the cheesy potato bites. I rode a roller coaster for him and it was not easy, but the tiramisu ice cream bar definitely helped ease the memory from my mind. He was pleased as peach-raspberry punch with his own popsicle, as well as the soy sauce and buttered popcorn.

Oh my word-his hair is getting so long. I have mixed feelings regarding Jackson's longer locks because the shaggy, wavy hair looks so good on him, but then I miss seeing his eyes...and his ears...the back of his neck. These are little things, though. What I didn't miss today was a big thing: the crowds! You'll forgive me for coming back to this again, but I cannot tell you what a difference it makes.

It was incredibly easy to get to all our favorite rides multiple times. We were never rushed, there were empty seats all over the park where you could sit down and relax, but even more than that, we were able to take our time in taking several really cute pictures. It doesn't matter what theme park you go to-if it's a busy day you'll be in line for a good while and the crowds around you may not pay any mind to the fact that you've been waiting.

We got all the good pictures in: Walt & Mickey, Roy & Minnie, and the floral Minnie right at the entrance. We even snapped a few in unexpected, yet also normally busy, locations. Today, we were only the only ones in these spaces at that time.

I was so glad to spend this day with my sweet boy! He said it was the absolute best, and though I'm now fully reclined on the sofa, thinking of the 2 miles I'll be running tomorrow, what makes me happy now are these memories we've made and will continue to make. The two of us, the three of us, the four of us.

All at the happiest place on earth.

See you in March!

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