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Five Things

Thursday I stayed home with my daughter. It was much needed-my arm didn't need to be twisted. Sitting together, listening to "ambiance music" coming from the speakers, chatting, cozied up during that dreary day...I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the time. I was thankful, enjoying the quality moment.

I've also enjoyed these five things recently...welcome to the Friday five.

Louis Vuitton & Exhibition

Tokyo has an endless amount of museums and exhibitions to enjoy, and while Louis Vuitton is fabulous any day of the week, this amazing show of collaborations between the Maison and Japanese artists was such a treat! A small-(and free!)-exhibit in Harajuku, this showcase draws the clear parallels between fashion and art while connecting Paris to Tokyo. It was bold, it was colorful, and in a room filled with scarves you know it's where I spent most of my time. The Mona Lisa scarf was a favorite, but the one below? A dream!!! I'm on the hunt to find one...though I'm not feeling very optimistic. This particular scarf is the kansai yamamoto japanese kabuki scarf.

Flower Chasing

Until this year sakura have been the only seasonal flower I've actively sought in and around Tokyo. 2021? With the flower season changes, several of us have gotten together to visit locations outside of the city. They all have their "moment" to be celebrated, but with each full bloom come the reminder about the temperance of things, and to appreciate them while they're present. Point made. We've visited Ashikaga Flower Park to see the wisteria, Yokohama to see the roses, and Shiofune Kanon-ji to see the hills of azaleas. Each trip was-in a word-breathtaking, but none would have been as special without the women I shared each trip.

Cinco de Mayo

It happened to coincide with a movie night we were hosting and my trusty Texan friend came prepared to celebrate. Margaritas, homemade queso and guacamole...It was paradise found! A week later I am STILL thinking about how good it all was. Good friends who make amazing Mexican food and drinks make for good neighbors. Megan you rock (and shake)!!


This is not the matching game you play on the computer-though this version is on there. This is real mahjong. It's the American version and an incredibly fun game I've been playing with friends every Thursday since last August. It definitely gets tricky, but this game has been a mental lifesaver! A game of strategy (and luck) we gather to play, eat lunch, and enjoy cocktails. It's a lovely way to ease into the weekend and those same ladies whose company I get to enjoy are also some of the best day trip adventurers ever! I'm so thankful for them.


How could I have a list of five things I'm loving right now and not include her? I'm a pretty happy person, but when she's home I feel calmer and more at peace. Life is-it's great. Having out family of four back together gives me all the warm fuzzies! We're in the second half of her two week quarantine, but exactly one day after she's free to roam the wilds of Tokyo, we have a huge murder mystery scavenger hunt followed by a trip to Okinawa for a beautiful beach vacation. Tea for two, hours of watching out favorite shows together, listening to her and Shannon cook together in the kitchen, shopping and exploring, and talking, talking, talking...scratch that.

Life isn't just great, it's amazing. Yay! Madeline is home!

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