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Going for the Goal!

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I believe that light reflects, the Golden Rule can inspire, and that whatever energy or vibe you put out into the world will come back to you. I also know that opportunities will present themselves when you are intentional with your goals.

In the past few days alone several have popped up. Color me excited! It might be the universe responding to my choices, it could simply be me being more focused and aware. Regardless, I'm feeling great-especially since I've accomplished my first goal from my "20 in 2020" list. Let's check off number 19!

#19 Take a pilates class

Back in December a friend mentioned taking classes from a local pilates instructor. She had nothing but praise for this returned expat, and with so much enthusiasm behind her endorsement I decided to reach out in the new year. This was what started it all, my initial reason for creating the goal list this year, so it feels pretty right that it would also be my first accomplishment! Right and incredibly satisfying.

With all the years I'd taken barre, pilates felt like a logical 'next' step. I wish I hadn't taken this long to jump in! It was a wonderful experience. If you love stretching, it really is a dream-and it's very centering. My instructor, Emma, was lovely as could be. Quietly enthusiastic, patient, good with her instructions, we clicked instantly. She did a great job demonstrating how her reformer worked, explaining the different amounts of tension in the coils, allowing me to test each one as we worked through our session. She was equally good about drawing me back to my breathing, reminding me to lower and relax my shoulders-which is something I've always struggled with.

It required more concentration than anticipated, and there were more than few goofs as I worked to remember everything I was supposed to be doing. Through it all, though, Emma was a great cheerleader and always seemed to know when I needed an extra push or gentle reminder. Even with the slow, concentrated movements and quiet focus of the session I left feeling energized and incredibly relaxed. It was a pretty heady combination.

It felt amazing to accomplish my first goal, checking it off my list, but it was also a really good to try something new and outside of my comfort zone. It was the most comfortable step outside the box I've ever had! Will I go back? Yes. Am I more excited about my goals now that I've accomplished one? Also yes. Keep reading, continue watching, because there are 19 more to go, and 2020 has only just begun.

Happy Friday!

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