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How To Best Enjoy Champagne

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I love champagne; you could call me a card-carrying bubbly enthusiast. But y'all know this already.

We always have a few bottles ready to go in the wine fridge, though they're not reserved for special occasions. Can't a Tuesday be reason enough?

Here's the thing: everyone has thoughts on how to best serve it. From glass to brand we all have our favorite. That's fine by me, after all, it only means more to sample and enjoy.

But what if we all understood how to enjoy champagne just a little more? Thanks to the experts at Moët & Chandon there are a few little tips that will help us to keep it chilled longer, enjoy the flavor more, and turn each sip of our favorite aperitif into an enjoyably prolonged experience. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Etiquette to serving and drinking champagne.

1.) The ideal temperature- Champagne is best chilled in an ice bucket filled with ice and 1/3 water. Allow your bottle to cool for 15-20 minutes prior to serving. A tip regarding serving: unless you're planning to open your champagne within 3-4 days of purchase, do not refrigerate it. Store it in a cool, dry place. When you refrigerate a bottle of champagne in the fridge longer than a few days the lack of humidity causes the cork to dry out, which loosens the seal between the bottle and cork, which changes the flavor of your bubbly. 

2.) Glass matters- The flute is certainly traditional and the coupe. There is something incredibly glamorous and old Hollywood about a beautiful gilded champagne coupe. But did you know that flutes limit the flavors and aromas while a coupe's extra-wide mouth exposes the champagne to the air allowing the bubbles and aromas to escape quickly? I won't ever turn down either because, hello, champagne! But the best way to preserve both flavors and bubbles is to drink it in a-wait for it-white wine glass, or a glass that is tulip shaped. It seems blasphemous almost, but when the experts agree, well, it deserves some consideration.

3.) Pouring- Only pour your glass 1/3 of the way full. Less is really more here because the more you pour, the more quickly your champagne will warm up from its chilled state. 

4.) Don't swirl, set- Wine drinkers are in the habit of swirling their wines around, but did you know that when you swirl champagne it releases the bubbles? You'll be left with flat champagne if you swirl so instead, let it set after it's poured.

5.) Hold the phone- Or the stem! Again, this has to do with being able to keep your champagne colder longer. If you hold your glass by the bowl instead of the stem the warmth from your fingers will warm your drink. No one likes warm champagne. No one deserves warm champagne. Stop being a heathen and hold your glass properly, please and thank you. *wink*

6.) The stopper- If you don't finish your champagne bottle in one sitting, call me! I'll be happy to help. Joking aside, if you still have bubbly left over your stopper is key since it will keep your bottle fresh for 24 hours. You should put the stopper in-between all pours to keep the bubbles as well.

7.) ENJOY!

Friends know I love to mix things up with my cocktails, dressing up the bubbly for festive occasions, but sometimes simple is best. Champagne is a delightful way to elevate an occasion or just enjoy because you rocked it at work or home. But when you decide to open a bottle remember these tips to help make the most of that moment. Thanks again to Moët & Chandon for these handy bits of knowledge. 

And cheers!

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