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The Expat's Fall Bucket List


It's official over here in Tokyo-it's the first day of autumn and I'm dreaming of ways to embrace it both in and outside the home. I know this year is different. Everyone is being a little more cautious. Maybe the fairs we're used to attending aren't up and running, traditional tailgating is on hold, Halloween plans may need to be altered. That doesn't mean we still can't enjoy the beauty of this time of year.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of other ways to wrap ourselves up in the season, and I've thought of quite a few for our expats-Tokyo expats in particular. Not to worry, most of these can be utilized no matter where you live, but I thought it might be nice to give an extra boost to our friends far from home so if they're thinking of something to do, now they have a handy little bucket list right at their fingertips.


The Expat's Fall Bucket List 2020

Decorate your home.

Make apple cider.

*Attend a fall or Halloween afternoon tea.

*Go on a hike or nature walk. Think about your local trails and mountains like Mt. Takao or Mt. Mitake.

Enjoy a spooky movie marathon (Hocus Pocus must be included).

Put on red lipstick.


*Celebrate Oktoberfest.

Go on a picnic.

Visit a farmers market.

Cozy up with a book.

Bake a pie.

*Grab some pumpkins from your local market.

Light a scented candle.

*Host a chili night. There are plenty of outdoor areas and the weather will be juuuuust right!

Clean out your closets.

*Have an outdoor sake sampling with cheese board (hit up The Cheers Experience for all your cheese board needs! Kim is amazing.).

Create a fun fall cocktail (or mocktail).

*Visit areas with fall foliage-make a day of it!

Do fun Halloween crafts for kids and adults (look back at the cocktails!).

*Take a scenic bike ride.

Give thanks.

*Attend local autumn festivals. They may be smaller, but you will find some!

*Try a new crockpot recipe and use local ingredients. Think squash, mushrooms, satsumaimo.

Shop after-summer sales.

*Visit Hitachi Seaside Park for the Kochia.

*Go on a train ride or drive to see the foliage.

Make a flower arrangement.

*Go to the Tokyo Ramen Show!

Enjoy a hot drink-coffee, tea, chocolate.

Visit a museum

Try a new pumpkin recipe.

*Visit Meiji Jingu Gaien aka Ginko Dori.

*Try something different and enjoy the chestnut season!

Dress up for Halloween.

Purchase some new boots!

Jump in a pile of leaves.

*Visit illuminations.

Watch a football game and tailgate at home.

*Enjoy a grand tea ceremony.

Decorate your pumpkins.

*Take a drive to enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji.

*Visit a ryokan and enjoy a soak in an onsen.

Being an expat comes with its challenges, but with a plan in mind it can make ordinary festivities incredibly fun, creating a unique moment in time that will be forever cherished. Wishing everyone a wonderful autumn ahead, and to my expat friends, let me know which ones you're ticking off your list!

*specific to Tokyo or Japan expats

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