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We Went On Down...

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

To the Audubon Zoo and they all asked for you. They all asked for you (For who?)… Well, they even inquired about you!

The Meters are loved by locals for many reasons, and if you were New Orleans born and raised you know the song as well as 'Mardi Gras Mambo'. Even now it makes me do a little dance and want to take a little visit.

It has been a very long time since we visited the Audubon Zoo-since Jackson was a year and a half old-

And this gorgeous silverback was the main attraction in the gorilla exhibit.

Maybe it was 18 years of spending time here with family and friends and missing ours that prompted the visit. I'm still not sure who brought it up-but the moment it was we were all on board...with a caveat. Rain was forecasted, the humidity had been getting worse with the heat, and who knew how the crowds would be. if any of these became an issue we'd scrap it and spend the day darting in and out of shops along Magazine. Our spirits were high regardless, and as luck would have it, everything worked out beautifully.

Crowds were a non-issue. The weather was gorgeous, and though humid, it was completely bearable. It gave us the opportunity to see all the exhibits and on a personal note, the beautiful trees I climbed as a child with both school and neighborhood friends. Thank you, Daddy, for making sure I got a picture on my favorite one!

It no longer bounces freely-it seems to have been eased into the ground- but it was every bit as sturdy as I remember it being when I was 3. Those are happy memories. I'm so glad we made even more!

Enjoy the slide shows below! Either click on the pic to see it enlarged or follow the arrow on either the left or right side.

No day at the zoo would be complete without a stop at The Camellia Grill after. I'v been going since I was smaller than knee high, bringing the children as well. This time, however, Jackson would remember it.

It as a beautiful day and by a funny coincidence my dress complimented the decor! It was the perfect way to end our outing: tired, happy, and well-fed. The zoo called and we answered!

They all asked for you (Every morning). Everybody there, crawling nowhere, they all ever ask for you… They all asked for you (Every morning). They all asked for you (Every evening). Everybody there, running nowhere, they all ever ask for you...

Down at the Audubon Zoo.

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