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Day Trip: Meet Me in Bay St. Louis

Sometimes you have to run for the border-the Louisiana/Mississippi border, that is, to see something very uniquely cool-and a place a surprising amount of people don't know about! Today my parents, Jackson and I took a trip post-beignets to Mississippi for two reasons: to visit the Stennis INFINITY Science Center and enjoy an afternoon in Bay St. Louis. It. Was. A. Blast!

Located along the Mississippi Gulf Coast off Interstate 10, the INFINITY Science Center is a non-profit science museum offering a blend of space, Earth science, engineering and technology content. It also serves as the official NASA visitor center for Stennis Space Center. INFINITY is “Where Fun Meets Fascinating”, where visitors enjoy a mix of exhibit space and fun hands-on programming that seeks to inspire minds and spark imaginations. And goodness do they deliver.

Did you know you can see actual rocket engine testing there? For obvious reasons it's a schedule not released to be public but it's the location where each engine is initially tested and cooler still, my grandmother used to help test them!

God was it humbling-and amazing. As Jackson said, it the engines look big, but until you're right beside them you don't realize how large they really are. A bird's eye view gave me the perfect opportunity to really get an idea of scale...of both the engines and my son. Lord be he's getting tall!

It was a little busy, but completely manageable-made more so by the promise of a quick drive to neighboring Bay St. Louis and a delicious lunch. Have any of you been?If not, for reference BSL is located in one of the southernmost parts of Mississippi.

It lies along the Mississippi Sound (an embayment of the Gulf of Mexico) at the entrance to St. Louis Bay (named in 1699 for Louis IX of France), and is 58 miles northeast of New Orleans. Bay St. Louis was also hit directly by Katrina in 2005. You'll find some remnants of the storm today, otherwise it seems to have rebuilt itself beautifully and with lots of local color!

We had the loveliest lunch at 200 North Beach, Jackson and I each diving into the lushest duck confit hash. Each of us were happy with our meals but agreed there was more to see of the small town than just one restaurant.

That meant antique shopping, chasing down wonderfully painted wall art and treating Jackson to Bay St. Louis's location of Creole Creamery. He was such a patient soul. PS-Not to say my cafe au lait shake wasn't great (it was), but the red velvet ice cream was divine.

It was a fabulous day, a great trip, and with that we count down the days until Shannon arrives! Sunday...are you here yet?

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