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Mother's Day Wishes

Today is supposed to be all about me. It is all about all the mother's past, present, and to-be.

I'm very glad for it, but for me there has always been a duality to Mother's Day, and it's one that helps me truly appreciate these precious gifts we've been given. Today I am honored, but it's also a day of gratitude and celebration of two of my greatest joys. There is nothing more pure than the love in my heart for my children, and I count every blessing that I was chosen to carry, love, and guide them through life. Since the world is different it will be a different day, but I couldn't ask for more than being safe at home with my reasons for being called Mom.

We may hold their hands for a short while, but we live in their hearts forever thanks to this precious, divine calling we are so fortunate to know. I’ve thought it many times, done my best to express it in a multitude of ways, but I will say it again because of how true it is: of all the things my hands have held the best by far have been you. Thank you, thank you for letting me be your mama. 

A blessed and Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas and those to-be.

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